NEW ABBOTSFORD COMPANY PROFILE – SEPTEMBER 2014 Absorbent Concepts Inc – Food Processing Division

The first processor of organic hemp seed products west of Saskatoon is now open for business in BC’s Fraser Valley. Absorbent Concepts Inc – Food Processing Division is open for business and providing contract and private label de-hulling, cold press oil production, packaging, warehousing and distribution of organic industrial hemp seed related products. Pete Scales, President and Production Manager, started putting the plan together in July 2013 and the first de-hulled product was produced January of this year.

ACI Foods
Now, the facility provides processing services in bulk and individual serving sizes to clients all over North America. Scales says, “As a biologist, environmental professional and inventor with a strong history of product and process development, I have always wanted to enter the food processing business to turn out healthy and nutritious products. With this new business I have got my wish and then some”. Designed exclusively to provide organic processing, the facility offers: cleaning, sizing and de-hulling services, as well as cold pressing and filtering of hemp oil; ACI has all the equipment necessary to package and label solid and liquid product in sizes ranging from individual portions to tote or drum loads.

With science and technology in mind the facility is designed to mitigate omega fatty acid rancidity issues and features: a 40 ft reefer/freezer unit for storage of incoming raw seed and process by products; a large volume walk in fridge for storage of all finished goods; muted light in critical packaging stations and extensive use of food grade nitrogen gas to minimize oxidation for both hulled and pressed products. Presently operating one shift of three persons, the facility will move to a second shift on or about October 31 when this year's industrial hemp crop is harvested and begins arriving in Abbotsford by the B-train load. Already, after only nine months of operation, ACI is looking to expand into a neighbouring warehouse bay to accommodate seed and material supply to meet the overwhelming demand for organic hemp products processed here in the Fraser Valley. To date, three inspections from various levels of government and organic certification agencies have taken place and after touring the facility, all deemed it to be very clean, sanitary, highly efficient, cost effective and above all, they appreciated the exclusively organic orientation. Geared for flexibility the facility will focus on offering up to 65% of processing time to contract services with the remainder dedicated to a line of in-house organic hemp products including, but not limited to: seed hearts, filtered and non-filtered cold pressed oil, high percentage protein powder, flour and fibre supplements.

ACI is open to investment and/or partnership opportunities and is actively looking for new clients who have organic hemp (or other organic seed) inventory who require pacific coast-based contract processing services.

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