The Endocannibinoid System and Human Health

Science, medications for the most part, cost stays in the background and doesn’t strive for publicity. And this is the way it should be – except perhaps when it comes to flaunting the graces of such a natural wonder as the Endocannibinoid System.

First identified in the mid-nineties in humans and then subsequently, in all animals studied, the Endocannibinoid System has as its base numerous receptor sites. These sites, found to a large degree in the brain and to a lesser degree in all other major organs – receive endocannabinoids (molecules produced within our bodies, hense the word ‘endo’) through a lock and key reaction. Once the molecule is locked into place on the receptor chemical messages are sent out to the body and a cascade of healing and moderating mechanisms, such as pain and inflammation control, begin.

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