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Hemp Milk for Cereal or Coffee

Create a nutritional drink yourself at home.

Unlike Almonds, Hemp is nut milk that doesn’t need to be soaked overnight.  Hulled hemp nuts provide an amazing sourse of Omega 3-6-9 and is satisying and useful like milk. You can add sweetners but it is great just on its own as well.  ( add in some nutritional values)

You will need a

  •  A blender and lid
    a woven nut milk bag, cheese cloth or some retailers carry “durag” a sythetic covering but is much less expensive
    we found one at the Homesteaders Imporium in Vancouver
  • A funnel that fits into our final container
  • Jars to put your product into.




  • 1 cup OmegaVida  hemp hearts
  • 3 to 4 cups filtered or spring water (3 cups for thicker milk, and up to 4 cups for thinner)You can also experiment with adding other spices and sweetners
    1/2 Tbsp of organic vanilla powder
    A pinch of Himalayan pink salt (or other unprocessed sea salt)


Put hemp and water in your  blender
Seal lid well
Put Blender on High for 2 minutes or until you are happy with it.


Put funnel into your storage container and line with the cloth or sythetic bag and gently squeeze your milk through.
You can use the left over fiber in soup or smoothies

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