From Marine Biology to Hemp

Marine Biologist ? Environmental Scientist ? Inventor ? Entrepreneur ? Author ? Teacher

Pete Scales,  M.Ag,  BSc (hon) – Owner/Operator  

Pete trained originally as a Marine Biologist with post graduate education in marine agriculture and business administration.

He has a long history as an environmental scientist, professor, and consultant having run his own environmental consulting businesses and served in three levels of government.

A successful inventor, Pete has designed and manufactured commercial products ranging from a rotary composter, super absorbent pads for the cargo hold of commercial aircraft, to controlled environment technology for shipping lobster and other live seafood products.

His most recent endeavour is as owner/operator of ACI Foods.    Read More at


Pete is an active member of:

Pete regularly shares his passions for science, the environment and the history & nutrition of hemp as a guest speaker.

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Pete Scales Columnist at the Patrika

Rotary International

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